Thursday, March 21, 2013

first week back.

(just some instagrams from the week. i'm ridiculous.)
This week has been my first week to REALLY be back at school since getting out of the hospital. Sure, I went back the Friday before spring break, but that didn't really count.

I'm not going to lie and say it was an easy week, but I can say that it was a week full of blessings. 

I've started a new routine of waking up between 5 and 5:30. If you had told me to wake up that early a year ago, I would have laughed in your face. But I really enjoy the quiet time in the morning where I am the only one in the house awake. Plus, it gives me time to do any last minute work or studying I may need to do before my 8 AM class. AND it helps me get in the groove for student teaching next semester....eeek!

Monday, I had my last group teaching day in the Madison schools. My group taught three different science lessons to four groups of fifth graders over the semester, and it has been so much fun. I always thought I wanted to work with the first or second grade age group, but teaching older kids has allowed me to see that I think I will be happy no matter where God places me in my career. I was really sad to leave the science lab for the  last time - those kids have a bright future!

I spent a lot of time finalizing a unit lesson plan that was due Wednesday. I stayed up the latest I have all semester (1:30!) to finish it. I can't believe I used to stay up until 3 or 4 AM - or even pull all nighters - and be good to go the next day. When did I get so old? I need two or three cups of coffee (at least!) to make it through the day now.

This was also the week we were supposed to find out our placements for the rest of professional block. The way our class works is this - the first half is lecture, the second half is field experience. So, starting in April, we will be teaching twenty lesson plans to a classroom we have been assigned to in Jackson. I was so nervous to find out my placement and who my supervising professor would be! I found out my school and supervisor Wednesday, and the nerves just kept flowing. I nervously facebook messaged a girl from my roommate's graduating class who I knew was assigned to the same school and professor when she went through block, and she sent me back nothing but encouraging words. Today, I found out the cooperating teacher and grade I'd be teaching, and funnily enough, I ended up with the same teacher she had! God knew what He was doing when he placed it on my heart to send her a message. I now have a resource and someone to talk to when things get tough (or go great!) in that classroom! She had nothing but wonderful things to say, and I can't wait to start working with these fifth graders! I meet them on Tuesday, and I am SO excited!

God has just been so diligent in telling me not to worry. I can look so calm and collected on the outside, but inside my heart is always a nervous wreck. I've suffered panic attacks and sleep paralysis because of nerves before, and it's one of the very worst feelings in the world. My quiet times have been so full and rich with God's reassurance that the here and now is temporary, but His provision is eternal. A little camp song has been going through my mind constantly that we used to sing at Redcloud - "Cast your burdens on Jesus 'cause He cares for YOU!" Amen and hallelujah!

Other than that, I have been working on paperwork for student teaching, going to class, eating lots of veggies, and going to bed ridiculously early (between 8:30 - 10, crazy!) I plan on taking it easy this weekend, sleeping in a little, and hearing my baby brother sing on Sunday night!

Saturday, March 16, 2013


Watching Well, at the moment, nothing. I watched Pitch Perfect earlier, though and I'll probably watch it again later (it's just so funny!) I'm trying to lesson plan, though, and I get distracted if I watch something at the same time.

Thinking about All the work I have to get done between this evening and tomorrow. Two more lesson plans, studying for a test, and preparing for another lesson I'm assisting with on Monday.

Listening to the Lumineers station on Spotify. The song right now is Patron Saints by Regina Spektor.

Excited about The warmer weather! I wore a cardigan and tights to a wedding today and when I left it was so hot! I'll miss wearing cardigans all the time (who am I kidding, I'll still wear them...) but warmer weather is exciting!

Reading The Passing Bells by Phillip Rock. It's similar to Downton Abbey and wonderful so far.

Loving my short hair! I had it this short about two years ago and I missed it. So much less time in the mornings! I feel more grown up with it this way.

Drinking I may have just discovered Chai Lattes this week and I am addicted.

Eating leftover red peppers stuffed with tomato basil sauce and sauteed eggplant. So yum! I also had some wedding food today and I'm not ashamed about it. I can't eat any greens (well, I can have a few) because of the blood thinners I am on, so I have also been eating potatoes more than usual. I used to hate them but I love them now!

Missing School, as funny as that sounds. I was out for 10 days in the hospital, and then had spring break. I miss routine!

Making me happy my brother is home from Saint Louis. I am making progress on makeup work. I have a wonderful family and wonderful friends. I went to a fun jewelry party last night. My house is cute. I get to start my herb/vegetable garden. Basically everything lately is making me happy!

Thursday, March 14, 2013

NOLA, Y'all.

I am the most sporadic blogger ever. But it's my blog and I'll blog what (and when) I want to, right? Right.

Spring Break is here. Technically I have had the longest break in the world because I was in the hospital for ten days, made it back to school on a Friday, and then break started that weekend. The hospital was scary (I have blood clots in my lungs...woah.) but I am so glad they figured it out and have me on some good medication and regular doctor's visits now. I never want to miss 10 days of school again. Ever.

Tuesday my mom and I went to New Orleans for a much needed break. We don't go on trips very often, and walking around a big city, doing some shopping, and eating some good food was just what we needed.

I went to this place, where I got the first and most wonderful Chai Latte I have ever had. I might be addicted now.

I may have splurged just a little at Urban Outfitters, but we don't have one in Jackson and I got almost everything on sale. Plus. They are cat shoes. And a cat shirt. I couldn't say no to that.

We ate dinner at Felix's, our favorite place in New Orleans. Normally I say to heck with it and get fried oysters or catfish, but I can't really have fried food now (I did eat the sweet potato fries...) so we both got grilled shrimp for a change and it was AMAZING. I might love it more than fried oysters, and that says a lot!

Maybe I am weird, but I love staying in hotels. It was a lovely stay at the St. James. I slept like a baby and the bed was like a cloud. I didn't want to leave! Checkout was a depressing time.

Wednesday morning we had brunch at The Ruby Slipper, which was right down the road from our hotel on Magazine Street. This may have been my favorite meal of the whole trip. I got a Spanish omelette that had an amazing sauce and perfect sausage. My mom got a strawberry and blackberry pancake and it was also delicious! I'll be going back here next time I'm in New Orleans.

We rounded out the trip with Cafe du Monde beignets and coffee. You can't go to New Orleans and not go there, and that's a fact.

The rest of Spring Break, unfortunately, consists of trying to catch up on all the work I missed and everything that is due in the next couple of weeks. I have a doctor's appointment for my lungs in the morning and then I'll be lesson planning all day. Sunday I have brunch plans and a wedding to go to, and Sunday after church will be more studying and planning. Back to reality, I guess!