Sunday, May 5, 2013


Again, sporadic posting but whatever. It's my blog!

What has been up lately?

- Student Teaching
I have spent the past month teaching for 3 hours each morning in a 5th grade reading classroom. I can't say anything negative about my time there, I truly can't. It's crazy how fast I got attached to my 45 students. And I know now more than ever that teaching is what I am meant to do. After receiving positive feedback from the students, the teacher I worked with, my supervisor, and the vice-principal of the school, I feel so encouraged and supported. My last day was Friday, and the students all wrote me notes and it was all I could do to keep from crying in front of them. I wish them the best as they venture out to middle school! This is the first time I can say I wish the semester could have lasted a little longer so I could spend more time with those kids!

- Recovering
I have still been recovering from the pulmonary embolism and ulcerative colitis attack that occurred late February. A lot of my time is still spent sorting out medicine and going to check-ups. Three months later, and my INR levels are still all over the place. One week I will be therapeutic, and the next week they are low again, and so the dosage is upped. And then the process repeats. It's very frustrating as I am doing everything I am supposed to - no leafy greens, no herbal teas, no cranberries, taking my blood thinners at the same time every day... but they still bounce up and down. I'm ready for consistency, body! On top of that, I also have to have regular visits with my 'lady doctor' (since birth control is the cause of all this nasty business), my GI doctor, and my pulmonologist. So. Many. Doctors.

- Summer
Once I hand in my teacher work sample binder tomorrow, summer will have officially started! I've got some paper-work to get in the mail tomorrow for my job that I will start at the end of May. I don't know how much I am allowed to say about it, but I am very thankful for this job! Hopefully it can contribute a good bit to the 'Heather REALLY Needs A Car' fund!

- Acting
After having to drop out of Earnest when my crazy sicknesses attacked and I was in the hopsital for 10 days, I was feeling really discouraged in the acting department. In a way, I felt like my 'last chance' to be on stage was taken away from me. In a sense, it was. It's the last play I would have done in connection to college. But I was being narrowminded - there are several wonderful community theatres that are all within a 30 minute drive from me. So as I was browsing facebook one day (when I should have been studying) I saw an audition notice posted. I made up my mind that if I could get my work done in an ample amount of time, I'd go to the audition.

And I am SO glad I made that choice!

The auditions were for Noises Off, which is basically a farce within a farce... which is right up my alley! I love the fast-paced lines and the physical humor involved in that kind of show! There are only four female parts and several people auditioned, so I kind of convinced myself that it was a good experience to audition, but I probably wouldn't make it. Plus, everybody else seemed to already be in good standing with the theatre, and here I was, a newbie.

But I went back to the third day of auditions, just to give it one last hurrah. When I got there, I went to re-introduce myself, and got told, "We remember you, Heather. You're hard to forget!" Talk about an encouragement! I truly do love acting and theatre, and that kind of boost is what I need sometimes. When you spend four years acting in college, you don't always know where you stand in terms of your skills in the outside world, if that makes sense.

Well, it turns out I got cast and we jumped into rehearsals the same day! I am so excited to be playing Poppy, the frazzled and over-emotional assistant stage manager. I'm also excited to yell, "I'M GOING TO HAVE A BABY!" at the top of my lungs. Good gosh, I'm excited. And let me tell you, the rest of the cast is unbelievably talented and can pull off British accents better than anyone I've met in the South. I'm also excited to carry on my favorite hobby into the summer. Ahh, I can't wait until next rehearsal! I love being excited about things :)

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